Season 4 — Episode 3: Life In Theramore

  It wasn’t a long fight before the orcs were finally pushed back. While their retreat was enjoyable to watch, the devastation they had left behind was noticeable. Several of the sick and elderly had been cut down without a chance to defend themselves, while the stronger soldiers had been distracted by the fighting. Angus… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 3: Life In Theramore

Season 3 — Episode 3: Maron’s Confession

  “I am not your father’s brother. I’m your mother’s brother.” The truth left his mouth in one simple sentence. By now I’d given up on the idea of being mad. The revelation impacted my life so little that it was comical to think this might be a dramatic reveal. No, I simply wanted to… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 3: Maron’s Confession

Season 2 — Episode 3: Uncle Maron

  Maron Sepher looked like he belonged somewhere else. He wore clothes that he clearly found comfortable, he ate food that he liked to taste, and he liked to laugh. Most importantly, he was nothing but kind. Our first meeting in the Blue Recluse lasted six hours. He told me about my mother, my father,… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 3: Uncle Maron