Episode 2: The Core

             The wind blew through the air with a ferocity that made John quiver. He was seated, quite firmly, in the very same helicopter that he had been in just a few week prior. Next to him, the young Ruby Rose was grinning from ear to ear. Today was a special day for John, as… Continue reading Episode 2: The Core

Season 4 — Episode 2: A Dark New World

  We didn’t sail for long before we came to face the mighty maelstrom that had claimed so many ships in the past. It was a bane for any sailor who drifted too far from the coast. Jaina’s fleet, however, had the power of several hundred mages, and the experience of sailors hailing from Kul… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 2: A Dark New World

Season 3 — Episode 2: Home Sweet Dalaran

  When I left Dalaran I was but a small boy, just beginning to think about magic and power. The years I spent in New Stormwind had brought knowledge, money, and a fair level of popularity amongst the nobles, even if my little incident with the guards did cause a stir at the end. Even… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 2: Home Sweet Dalaran