Episode 10: Explorer One Go!

         “Flynn Brickshelm, reporting in.”          “David Nash, reporting in.”          Their voices were calm and steady, despite the fact that they were currently strapped inside one of the most dangerous vehicles ever assembled. John was sitting in the back corner of what had been officially dubbed Mission Control. It was a collection of computers from various parts… Continue reading Episode 10: Explorer One Go!

Episode 10: Unexpected Divergence

       The hustle and bustle of the tavern in Booty Bay was surprising. It had been ages since Sionis Sepher had made his way to Stranglethorn Vale, but the trip had not disappointed him so far. This place was a hive of pirates, adventurers, scoundrels, and any other shady suspects you might find… Continue reading Episode 10: Unexpected Divergence

Season 4 — Episode 10: Heading Home

Time passed after Admiral Daelin Proudmoore had been put down by the Horde. Theramore Isle had not returned to normal, but anyone could tell that most citizens were eager to put the whole mess behind them. Most of them had not learned what I had learned before the whole thing went down. To almost everyone… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 10: Heading Home

Season 3 — Episode 10: Destiny’s Horizon

    I had expected us to travel with a convoy to Southshore, but Angus had no time for that, pointing out that there were practically dozens of convoys heading out of Dalaran now. Instead, we traveled by horseback. I took Surfal, and Angus had his white steed Snowflake. Before we left, I sought out… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 10: Destiny’s Horizon

Season 2 — Episode 10: Judgment Day

  Sionis Sepher. The name had started to spread. Most of it good enough, popular opinion was that the guard had what was coming to him. The story that filtered through the city thankfully swapped out Kaellax for a nameless mage, but I was painted as the young hero that found the nullification stone, rescued… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 10: Judgment Day