Episode 8: Frost, Fire, and Holy Wrath

       There was a brief moment of silence in the small room of the Stormwind inn. Sionis Sepher, fire mage of Stormwind, stood with Iliera at his side. He was dressed in an ornate dress, Pandaren in origin, and he looked… confident.        “Who do we have here?” the Enchantress asked.… Continue reading Episode 8: Frost, Fire, and Holy Wrath

Episode 7: The Enchantress Revealed

       Iliera stood beside the unconscious Fÿnn while, slowly, Syanna waved her hands around an arcane spell floating in the air. Over the years, Syanna had proven to be an invaluable ally to Iliera, not just as a member of the Remnants, but as a trusted personal friend. Syanna had dealt with eons… Continue reading Episode 7: The Enchantress Revealed

Episode 6: A Whale of a Tale (Pt. 2)

       Iliera burst through the surface of the water and nearly cleared ten feet of air. Below her, a small whale was trying to escape her clutches, having successfully thrown her from it’s back moments before.        It squealed in panic and Iliera honestly felt terrible that she was wrestling the… Continue reading Episode 6: A Whale of a Tale (Pt. 2)

Episode 4: The Horde Intent

The dry desert air of Silithus was no more forgiving at night. As the heat of the sun died down, frigid winds would blow that could freeze a man to the bone. Of course, while Fÿnn and Aremadiel shivered in the front, Dhespair walked behind them with no issue. They had scouted the desert for… Continue reading Episode 4: The Horde Intent