Episode 13: Time is Running Out

Iliera, paladin of the Silver Hand, hero of the Alliance, and refugee of Draenor. She stood on the deck of a star ship, looking out across the devastated landscape of her ancient homeworld. Behind her, the leaders of the Army of the Light stood together, discussing their next move. Meanwhile, she held in her hand,… Continue reading Episode 13: Time is Running Out

Episode 12: Diverging Paths

“Sionis, my dearest.” Iliera’s tone was filled with sadness, but simultaneously carried a hard edge.“You know I’m not able to stay here. Not yet.” “I had hoped you would change your mind,” Sionis admitted, not looking directly at her. “I assume Fÿnn feels the same way?” “He does,” she said, a faint hint of a… Continue reading Episode 12: Diverging Paths

Episode 11: Here We Go Again!

The wrathguard crumbled to his knees, his roar of agony drowning out the sizzling of his flesh where Fÿnn’s mighty sword had been planted in his chest. The experience was traumatic for everyone involved, and the sound might have ruptured the poor paladin’s ear drums had the demon not been silenced at last by an… Continue reading Episode 11: Here We Go Again!

Episode 10: Turning to the Burning Throne

Stacks of scrolls towered atop Sionis Sepher’s wooden desk. A single candle burned, barely illuminating the small office where the mage was working. He liked it that way, mostly because the rest of his office was just as messy as the top of his desk. He carefully scribbled the last few words of his latest… Continue reading Episode 10: Turning to the Burning Throne

Episode 8: The Fate of Xer’Thraxis

“Hold on! Just hold on!” There was a desperation in Iliera’s voice as she cried out. Sionis didn’t have time to feel desperate. He didn’t have time to wait for Iliera’s protection. Xer’Thraxis had forced their hand in this final battle. While most of the other Remnants fought onward toward Kil'Jaeden, Iliera, Sionis, and Fÿnn… Continue reading Episode 8: The Fate of Xer’Thraxis