Episode 19: A Change of Hands

Tanaris was a terrible place. Gadgetzan was the heart of Tanaris. The corruption bled into the desert sands like a plague. The Steamweedle cartel’s very own “city”. It had once been a secluded desert town, but the Cataclysm years ago had brought the shoreline much closer, allowing ships to dock, and trade had been booming… Continue reading Episode 19: A Change of Hands

Episode 18: Old and New

Fÿnn, the human paladin, stood over a desolate landscape. This place, however, was not the foreign world of Argus, or the corrupted lands of the Broken Shore. This had once been his home. Theramore. When the remaining Alliance forces had returned from Argus aboard the Vindicaar, they had quickly discovered that their world was not… Continue reading Episode 18: Old and New

Episode 17: The Antoran Assault – Pt. 3

Sweat dripped from Iliera’s forehead, down her cheek, mixing with the blood from the deep cut on her face, and continuing down to run off her chin. The ground beneath her rumbled, but unlike the broken rocks of Argus, this metal flooring was polished and unscratched. It didn’t crack or crumble, but instead vibrated and hummed.… Continue reading Episode 17: The Antoran Assault – Pt. 3

Episode 16: The Antoran Assault – Pt. 2

Jagged rocks. Acrid air. The green glow of fel-tainted earth. The Academy of Hope had risen to the challenge, pushed their way inside the Burning Throne, and as they marched through each challenge, the darkness around them grew more powerful. The sulfur in the air was becoming so thick that Fÿnn was having trouble breathing.… Continue reading Episode 16: The Antoran Assault – Pt. 2

Episode 15: The Antoran Assault – Pt. 1

The fighting was fierce. The Garothi Warbreaker laid waste to the Army of the Light’s warframes in the front line, but the Light didn’t go down without a fight. The machine was damaged by the initial attack and the Academy of Hope took up the charge. As the heroic Iliera and mighty Juggz held the… Continue reading Episode 15: The Antoran Assault – Pt. 1