Episode 6: A Whale of a Tale (Pt. 2)

       Iliera burst through the surface of the water and nearly cleared ten feet of air. Below her, a small whale was trying to escape her clutches, having successfully thrown her from it’s back moments before.        It squealed in panic and Iliera honestly felt terrible that she was wrestling the… Continue reading Episode 6: A Whale of a Tale (Pt. 2)

Episode 4: The Horde Intent

The dry desert air of Silithus was no more forgiving at night. As the heat of the sun died down, frigid winds would blow that could freeze a man to the bone. Of course, while Fÿnn and Aremadiel shivered in the front, Dhespair walked behind them with no issue. They had scouted the desert for… Continue reading Episode 4: The Horde Intent

Episode 1: The Light is With Us

A draenei and a human. These two paladins stood before Captain Fareeya, both adorned in dressings of gold and blue. They had come as part of the envoy to formalize their acceptance of the Army of the Light into the Grand Alliance of Azeroth. It was an unnecessary gesture, as Fareeya had considered such an… Continue reading Episode 1: The Light is With Us

Season 4 — Episode 11: Intermission (The Invasion Continues)

By now, Sionis Sepher had finished using his magical energy to create any new bandages. He finished the last part of his story and then gave a look to the Loremaster that signaled the latest chapter was at its close. “A fascinating piece of history,” the Loremaster said, now resting on the cot where the… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 11: Intermission (The Invasion Continues)