A New Week Begins!

It has been a bizarre few months, with the end to one year and beginning of the next. Honestly, it's all blurred together for me so much, what with the holiday vacation, followed by a not so holiday leave of absence with my surgery! Last week I published the first episode (New Arrival) of my… Continue reading A New Week Begins!

A Static World Does Not Fun Create

Repetition doesn't create memories. New Experiences do.-Brian Cheskey Four months ago, the World of Warcraft released its latest expansion. A few months later, the game turned fourteen years old.  Six months ago, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hit theaters worldwide. That same month, the franchise turned twenty-five years old. Three months ago, Doctor Who released its eleventh season. Earlier this year, in… Continue reading A Static World Does Not Fun Create

Battle for Azeroth: What Keeps Me Playing?

Well, here we are folks. A whopping ten weeks out from the official launch of Battle for Azeroth. It feels, in some ways, like a lifetime since the new expansion dropped, but in others it feels like we just got started! "Island Expeditions. Heh! Warfronts. Heh! WoW players crave not these things!" - King Anduin (2018)… Continue reading Battle for Azeroth: What Keeps Me Playing?

WoW Challenge Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

Today we're back with another Blog Challenge from Z and Cinder! I participated in one of these challenges back in April, but haven't gotten around to doing another once since then. I hope, as we go into Battle for Azeroth, that I'll have more time to do these regularly because they're awesome!!! So, without further… Continue reading WoW Challenge Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

WoW Collector’s Edition: Novella Preview!

There is always something new and exciting going on in the news for World of Warcraft. Right on the heels of learning the official release date of August 14, 2018 and the exciting reveal of the Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition, now we have also been given a sample look at the two novellas that… Continue reading WoW Collector’s Edition: Novella Preview!