Parenthood: Photos of Nature

When our daughter turned three, we were gifted a cute kid's camera by grandma and pa. Until this point, our little one had been running around snapping shots with fake cameras and smartphones alike, yelling "Click!" and "Cheese!" whenever she pressed the button to take her imaginary shots. Needless to say, having the real thing… Continue reading Parenthood: Photos of Nature

Parenthood: Eighteen Months Later

Here come the words! "Can you say banana?" "Bah nah nah," she says to me. "Say please!" "Peesh. Peeeeesh." Our daughter hit a threshold recently. We started to retire the pacifier and we found that aside from the occasional what have you done moment, she's been quite okay with the transition. Most importantly, with that change… Continue reading Parenthood: Eighteen Months Later

Parenthood: One Year Later

One year ago today, my wife and I were heavily involved in the most chaotic event that we have ever experienced together. After nine months of planning, preparing, and getting really excited/nervous, we were finally at the hospital with doctors surrounding us, telling us to remain calm, and most importantly telling her to PUUUUUSH! Those first… Continue reading Parenthood: One Year Later