I applied for a job: Associate Historian, Lore

About a week ago, a position opened up from Blizzard Entertainment. The role (Associate Historian, Lore) sounds like an interesting one, especially for someone like me. I have made my long relationship with World of Warcraft no secret over the years, including the deep inspiration that it provided for my own creative writing story, The Flamecaller of Stonehaven.

When I saw the Blizzard role open, I clicked the link and started reading the requirements and responsibilities. Over the years I’ve followed a great deal of the Warcraft stories, reading the novels and playing through the game. I have all of the published Warcraft Chronicles on a shelf behind me as I type this… my children share names with some of the franchise’s own characters! I have Christie Golden’s signature on the back of my Kindle, with digital copies of all her Warcraft novels (and her Star Wars ones)!

What drew my eye, however, was the requirement for practical technical writing experience. While the posting means in the sense of creative writing, to be sure, it also called out to my actual work experience.

I thought to myself, “Wow. There is an opportunity at Blizzard and honestly the role looks like a good fit for me. I wouldn’t have to bend my experience here. I love Warcraft. I love writing.”

So in the dead of the night last night, I cleaned up my resume for the first time since 2014 and applied for the position. I didn’t produce a cover letter. I didn’t upsell my Warcraft knowledge or emphasis my own creative writing works. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ll ever hear from the recruiters, and that’s okay. After all, I am confident that a great many folks out there are just as well-suited for this position, and my only desire it that the position gets filled by someone that cares about the subject matter, and their own role within that franchise.

Either way, on April 19th, WoW is having an announcement for their next expansion, and I suspect that I’ll be there when the gates open and we all charge headfirst into our next MMO adventure.

Cheers to the future, folks!

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