LEGO Advent: Day 20

Look at me, posting on time!

Today we’re at the twentieth day of Advent. That leaves us with only four more days before we arrive at Christmas Eve. I’m looking forward to knocking out these last few days and steamrolling toward 2021!

LEGO City – Trailer Truck

The microbuild today appears to be a small version of the transport hauler in set 60254: Race Boat Transporter.

The truck comes in at 18 pieces and with the red piece under the cab it’s an easy one to identify. I really do appreciate the ability to give us identifiable vehicles at such a small scale.

Also, apologies for the images, working on different methods of capturing images and this one didn’t turn out quite right…

LEGO Star Wars – Shield Generator (Hoth)

So, I’m learning the white fabric I use for photos is getting… dusty.

I’m a little ashamed of this photo, to be frank.

Anyway, here’s the shield Generator on Hoth. It’s easily identifiable, and overall a clever little build at ~14 pieces.

LEGO Harry Potter – Fountain Serving Table

I was serious when I said that the fountain table was my favorite, and today’s Harry Potter build just added onto it in the best way. I can’t wait to reference this piece in a LEGO set somewhere!

At ~19 pieces, it connects with the other half of the table from earlier this month and you get yourself a sizable serving area.

Very cool.

LEGO Friends – Snowman

So, the snowman arrived.

He’s 5 pieces.

Our daughter put him together and then went about rolling it across the table.

I don’t have much to add here, other than I would genuinely love to talk to the designers about how the LEGO Friends calendar seems to deviate so much from its fellow options and what/why/how that deviation is decided upon.

They probably have some really good insight that would help me understand the situation.

Right now, I do not.

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