LEGO Advent: Days 16, 17, 18, & 19


I know what you’re going to say.

Why am I even trying anymore? I’ve fallen helplessly behind and I don’t even have a good excuse. The family is fine. The kids are fine. We’re still a week out from the holidays and even if that were a cause, I have no one coming to visit that might throw our home into disarray!

So why in the world have I failed to keep up with this simple assignment?

Truthfully, I have no idea.

I guess I just procrastinate… perhaps that’s why it took me six years to finish my four year degree in college? Deep thoughts, but not the topic of my post today.

No, we’re doing that thing today when the teacher agrees to give you makeup grades if you get caught up on all of your coursework. That is to say, I’m going to get up on all my course work in one long post.


So, if you’ve been wondering, I wonder what the Technicool Family got over the last four days, it’s time to find out!


So, here we go:

Day 16 brought us a minifigure, another character from the show LEGO City Adventures. Her name is Daisy Kaboom, and from what I understand… she’s a criminal. The minifigure comes with a classy burglar face on one side, and an unmasked on the other. I found the handcuffs particularly interesting ad I had never seen them in use before. Cool stuff.

Day 17 is a sweet microbuild of an airplane. Initially, my mind assumes this is a microbuild of set 60262: Passenger Airplane, but the colors don’t really line up. In fact, the use of the salmon or whatever pink color that is officially, it really makes me feel like I’m looking at a build of set 41429: Heartlake City Airplane. Both of these planes released in 2020 and were instant purchases for the family. LEGO Friends has so much cool stuff, I’m glad to see at least one set represented it, even if it was only through LEGO City… I kid… kinda. Anyway, ten pieces and it got the point across.

Day 18 was another vehicle microbuild. Personally, I think I’m looking at the blue car from 60257: Service Station, but it’s also possible this is a bit of a LEGO tease for set 60285: Sports Car, which is dropping in January 2021. At 16 pieces this was a fun build, but it also feels a bit repetitive now that we’ve built so many vehicles in this fashion. At least the monster truck had actual spinning wheels!

Day 19 brings a new character from LEGO City Adventures, Rooky Partnur, who serves as a police officer in the television show. Man, I suppose I shouldn’t call it a television show anymore. Does it even air on television or is it a streaming show now? Ah well, I have no idea what the pineapple is about, but I always like to see accessories with minifigures, so I’m going to assume it has some value to the character or the show.

LEGO Star Wars

Whew. Let’s see… where to start…

Day 16 brings us back to Episode 1 for an exciting pod race! At just 12 pieces it delivers pretty well, and the excitement of a certain pod racing engine showing up in The Mandalorian this season also brings a smile to my face. Anakin was the only human that could partake in the pod racing sport, which we all know was possible because he was a Jedi.

Day 17 stays in the pod racing spirit with a pit droid. Those little buggers added to the absurdity of droids in the Star Wars universe, and frankly I didn’t like ’em. That being said, their silliness is valued by youngster Star Wars fans all across the world. At about 13 pieces (I think I added the hat), the LEGO designers really did a good job of capturing the spirit.

Day 18 is the unmistakable snow speeder from Empire Strikes Back. The ship is iconic Star Wars, and the build did a good job of showing me the ship with just ~16 pieces.

Day 19 is a tauntaun. The designers threw about 19 pieces into this one, and it shows. The build is definitely a tauntaun, but it’s also a large collection of LEGO bricks. I’m not infatuated with this build, but I have mad respect for someone making a creature at this scale.

LEGO Harry Potter

Okay… now for Potter:

Day 16 brought us a lovely set of trees. The build isn’t spectacular, but these topiaries will make a nice addition somewhere around our LEGO Winter Village. At 8 pieces for each tree (16 total), they fall right in line with the average, and still fit into the Harry Potter scene we’re building.

Day 17 is a piano! I won’t lie. I don’t remember a piano being a part of the film or book, but I will admit that I haven’t seen or read the film in some time now. Regardless, at around 13 pieces, it is an impressive piano!

Day 18 is probably my favorite so far. A food table, no doubt for feasting at the Yule ball. It’s simple and decorative, and I plan to have it used as a set piece in LEGO stories from this day forward. Well, until my daughter destroys it anyway. It was over 20 pieces, though I don’t have the exact count, and it’s sizeable compared to the other builds.

Day 19 is Parvati Patil! The sister of Padma, Parvati appears to be decorated almost identically, with a slight color change in the 1×2 brick that’s used as her dress. The same disappointing lack of print remains on the other side.

LEGO Friends

One more category…

I… well… here it goes…

Day 16 is a table. A TABLE. It’s a cute table, with wrapping paper and bows and a pair of scissors for cutting said wrapping paper, but at the end of the day… it’s still another table. There were just 10 pieces, and my photo represents a table with all the extras used by my daughter.

Day 17 brings us presents, which I’m totally fine with. These colorful boxes can be opened and a pair of glasses or a shiny star await within! At just 8 pieces, I have come to accept that the LEGO Friends calendar just doesn’t plan on doing anything remotely close to the average count as all the other calendars.

Day 18 is a campfire? I won’t lie, this one is the most confusing so far. Why is there a campfire? Are we camping? I don’t understand it. At 7 pieces, this one just left me scratching my head.

Day 19 is a snow launcher! It’s just 7 pieces, so nothing new there, but at least this one has some fun playability in the real world? Honestly I don’t know.

And there we have it. Four days worth of four calendar entries all crammed into one super rushed post for the handful of folks that look at my site! Nice.

Honestly, as much as I joke about the posts themselves, the calendars have been a lot of fun for the family, and when all of this culminates on Christmas day I’ll be looking forward to 12 months from now when we can do it all again.

Hopefully, we’ll see you tomorrow with Day 20.

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