LEGO Advent: Day 15

Well, looks like I’m back to being tardy. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of the rest of the advent… I promise I’ll try to be more timely tomorrow!

Anyway, let’s see what we got on day 15!

LEGO City – Police Van

The microbuild today is the opposite of the monster truck yesterday. We got the Police Van, I assume matching the one that comes in set 60245: Police Monster Truck Heist.

With about 19 pieces this is a cute build, and I’ve grown fond of all the mini city builds that work so well on the included playmat on the calendar. Our kiddo has been pleased to play with all of the stuff so far.

The general lack of festivity is on the back of my mind, especially as we close in on Christmas, but I’m still hoping that’ll change up in the last few days leading up to the holiday.

LEGO Star Wars – Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship

We transitioned from a battle droid to the control ship. Man, I remember Episode 1 fairly well. I saw it as a 13 year old, and it was the first film I purchased on DVD.

The droid control ship was such a cool moment for younger me, as I identified it as a “small death star” design. I immediately felt myself unlocking all of George Lucas’ plans for the prequel trilogy…

Except… I ended up being wrong about so many things.

Anyway, at just 14 pieces it’s a smaller build, but it still gets the design across and I immediately recognize what I’m looking at here.

LEGO Harry Potter – Padma Patil

The Yule ball guests continue to arrive! Now we have Padma Patil!

The minifigure dress is a bit “meh” from me. I really don’t like the idea of a printed piece on one side and blank on the other. I had this complaint with our earlier minifigure too.


Overall, still a fun figure and a welcome addition!

LEGO Friends – Elf

Here we have another happy elf!

He appears to be carrying a pen to write letters for Santa.

Very cute. I guess he can work one of the tables at the mall.

Honestly, I want to complain about this advent calendar more, but as we approach the final days of the advent, I see one strength here with the LEGO Friends. The builds are festive, wintery, and focused on a fantastical element.

They have to get credit for that. This advent calendar is themed appropriately.

I just don’t know if I’m happy about that, or sad. I still want a microbuild of set 41381: Rescue Mission Boat.

It’d be awesome!

Anyway, I digress. Our daughter was happy enough to have her new elf friend, and breakfast proceeded as normal. I didn’t even have to help her build it…

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