LEGO Advent: Day 14

The fourteenth day has arrived.

I’m proud to say that I’m officially back on time with this one. Hopefully that trend will continue as we enter the final ten days of the advent calendar!!!

Let’s see what we got today…

LEGO City – Monster Truck

Today we had a splendid vehicle micro-build. I had to do some digging to find the inspiration, but was not surprised to find it was part of set 60245: Police Monster Truck Heist.

At around 23 pieces this a normal build, but the size of the pieces made the monster truck hefty in comparison to the other builds. This monster truck could haul away the entire bank build from yesterday!

Still, it has great playability and has already rolled all over our kitchen table.

LEGO Star Wars – B1 Battle Droid

Not much to see here. A cool little battle droid, and depending on how old you are, a fairly controversial figure of the Star Wars universe.

The B1 has made a legacy of being a bit silly, and in the generation of the prequel films, I guess that’s kinda the status quo.

LEGO Harry Potter – Window Display

We have our second window display. Very cool. We now have a backdrop for our Harry Potter minifigures!

About 15 pieces went into this one. I like the chocolate frog since it helps establish the window and give a little life to an otherwise mundane build.

All together it’s a great little scene we are constructing. Kudos to the LEGO Harry Potter team on this one.

LEGO Friends – Penguin Toy

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Today we skipped the table and went straight for a new toy. This little penguin robot is made up of just 9 pieces, 10 if you count the wrench.

It is adorable.

Our daughter made a brief attempt to build her new penguin friend, but she quickly abandoned it and asked for mom or dad to do it instead. My suspicion that’s she’s rather bored of our advent calenders is gaining traction.

She’s got ten days left. I hope she can make it.

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