LEGO Advent: Day 13

Day 13.

What a day. I’ve been so caught up with this or that, but the advent waits for no one and we’ve got a fun selection of items today that I’m sure will thrill us and amaze us and definitely won’t be another table

LEGO City – Bank

Today’s build is a cute microbuild a city bank. No, I don’t think this represents set 10251: Brick Bank, but it’s still the set that comes to mind when I think of a bank. In fact, the Brick Bank creator set was one of the first purchases I made, and was easily one of my favorites for a looooong time. The laundry facility and the secret tunnel to the bank vault are the best.

Today’s build has about 19 pieces, which is what I’ve come to expect. I appreciate all of these small builds, and I am pleased at the idea of having a nice little strip of microbuilds when the advent calendar is done.

LEGO Star Wars – Republic Cruiser

Today’s build was an interesting one. At first I thought it was the Tantive IV, but TechnicolorMom questioned the amount of red in the set, and after thinking it over I realized it lacked the distinct hammerhead shape as well. My mind wandered for a bit, until I eventually realized it had to be the Republic Cruiser from Episode 1.

It took a bit of digging, but LEGO produced set 7665: Republic Cruiser back in 2007!

I remember watching Episode 1 back in 1999 and thinking that the ship looked so cool, and I was sad that it met an untimely fate so quickly in the movie.

Around 17 pieces went into making this ship, and I’d say they did a pretty good job!

LEGO Harry Potter – Christmas Tree

Today Harry Potter got a tree added to the collection. The builds in the advent calendar here are coming together nicely. We’re going to have a fully detailed commons room with a bunch of excited kids preparing for the Yule Ball!

This tree came in around 21 pieces, so on par and looking good. I haven’t seen a snowy white Christmas tree yet, and they made good uses of the transparent wedges and blue pyramids!

LEGO Friends – Breakfast Table

“A table!?!?” – Technigirl

Dear Audience, you’re not going to believe this.

My child opened another table today.

Now, this table is cute. This table is unique. Look at the waffle maker! Look at the WAFFLES.

I won’t argue with the appearance, but I do have a few choice words about the furniture.

How many tables is she going to pull out of this box?!?!?

WILL WE EVER SEE A CHAIR?!?! Will Emma ever get to sit down?!

Of note today, our daughter didn’t finish building this table. She got a few pieces together and then moved along to another activity. It is the first day of the advent that she just didn’t seem interested. I can’t say it’s because of table fatigue. I doubt that’s the case. She opened her calendar before the rest of the family, so the pacing was off, and it’s possible that went into part of it.

I’ll be keeping a closer eye on this as we progress. It’s possible our dear little one can only handle twelve days of Christmas (HAHAHA!)

I am funny.

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