LEGO Advent: Day 12

The twelfth day. I like spelling twelfth, it seems like an odd number.

I’m also late. Clearly, as this is another late night post… it’s technically the thirteenth day, but honestly I’m going to blame TechnicolorMom for this one. She had me playing games and stuff, taking away my precious time to document my photos of toys!

Sometimes, while I’m typing, I feel like I’m an eight year old trapped in an adult’s body.

It’s amazing.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s see what the LEGO Advent calendar had in store for us today…

LEGO City – Choo Choo Winter Train

Today’s build is a cute microbuild of set 10254: Winter Holiday Train. When TechnicolorMom and I first started getting into LEGO buildings, that train was among our first purchases. It was so cute, and it actually came with tracks and you could make it go around your Christmas tree!!! How could we not get it?!?

I stand by that decision. The train is currently running laps around our expanded Winter Village display, which we put out for the holidays each year. It’s a favorite for our daughter and in time hopefully our son.

Today’s build is a decent representation, at least for only using 18 pieces!

LEGO Star Wars – Porg

Day 12 is a Porg.

It’s seven pieces.

The porg are fine. They were added to the movie to account for all of the puffins that were crawling over the island where Luke and Rey spend most of the film. That’s a neat fact. In truth, they probably could have saved a lot of production time and just had puffins on the island. Puffins can live in a galaxy far far away, right? Or like, is that something only humans can do?


LEGO Harry Potter – Window

Yesterday, as I was adding the photos from the builds, I noticed the fireplace had little claws and I wondered if there was something missing… perhaps a shovel for coal, or another accessory I wasn’t considering.

Today, I got my answer.

TechnicolorMom finished putting this build together and texted me shortly after to simply say, “I don’t know what this is.” At 16 pieces it kinda just looked like… another fireplace? But without fire? Maybe a window?

I didn’t have a good answer, so I thought about it for a while. Then I thought of connecting yesterday’s build and today’s, and there we had it. Maybe. I included a picture of the two.

It seems almost as though LEGO wanted to do a nice little backdrop for all of our Harry Potter friends… maybe something like a LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments deal?

I’m all for it. Let’s hope the advent calendar doesn’t devolve into a series of repetitive window builds… that would be boring…

Speaking of which… I wonder if my daughter got another table to build today in her Friends set?

LEGO Friends – Skateboard

“I got a skateboard, a star, and a bow.” – Technigirl

I said, “What?”


I looked up from my LEGO City build. Sure enough. It’s a skateboard, but with a bow on top because it’s a present to someone.


She had five pieces to put together. It was nearly as dismal as the hamster moment, but at least it is an actual skateboard, that Emma can stand on and ride around her growing fleet of tables.

I am not going to lie. I am super disappointed that there have been absolutely zero microbuilds of the amazing LEGO Friends sets that were released this year. Not a single one. No boats, houses, or anything!

I’m blown away by the differences in the daily reveals between this calendar and the other three. I’m glad my child is enjoying it, regardless of my own judgment, but I’m weary that by next Christmas the excitement of a hamster or a skateboard might have faded.

We’ll keep going!

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