LEGO Advent: Day 10 & 11

After a wild few days of repairing computers, things are finally back up and running like normal. We’ve had a hiccup in the LEGO Advent event, but we should be back on track now.

As a result, I present Day 10 and 11 in one post, and Day 12 will show up soon after (on day 12, which is today?)

Anyway, let’s see what we missed out on…

LEGO City – Fire Truck and Freya McCloud

I picked up set 60231: Fire Chief Response Truck for my child a while back. I loved the hair on the minifigure and the truck was a good build too.

I didn’t know that the character in that set was Freya McCloud of the LEGO City Adventures tv show, but I do now, and that’s cool. I’m a little bummed this minifigure is the exact same one from the set, but the little badge piece is cool, so I guess it’s fine.

The microbuild of the Fire Truck was well-placed, and I enjoyed it. At around 21 pieces, it’s on par with the other builds so far, and it pairs well with Freya!

LEGO Star Wars – D-O and the Millennium Falcon

The Day 10 build is a D-O figure. I can’t say I’m in love with the droid. I liked him in the movie just fine, but I have only see Episode 9 once, so he’s just not in my databanks as much as other identifiable characters or ship…

Like the Falcon. Day 11’s build is the Millennium Falcon. It was also, by far, the most confusing build I’ve ever done on an Advent Calendar. There were around 29 pieces in the final build, so not the largest to date, but still the most interested out of all of them so far. Kudos to the designers on such a small falcon!

LEGO Harry Potter – Ron Weasley and a Fireplace

Adding another minifigure to the collection, Ron Weasley joined the party. He’s dressed up for the ball, and I can’t say I hate his facial expressions!

The fireplace is cute, but for a moment, I thought we had another Friends build happening here. At 20 pieces it’s about average for the calendar so far, and despite the attempt to throw a stocking on there, it mostly just looked like a normal fireplace. Festive stockings are cool, too, btw, but the L-shape piece with a corner piece on top didn’t really make the sale here.

LEGO Friends – A Workbench and a Snack Table


A workbench, very cute, and a snack table… still cute.

Our daughter enjoyed both days of building, though the train seemed to confuse her, and I’m not sure what the issue was, maybe it was too early that morning?

Anyway, Day 10 had ~16 pieces, which is a big one for the Friends calendar so far.

Day 11 had 14 pieces, so a bit of a drop, but still higher than the outstandingly low four piece set from last week.

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