LEGO Advent: Day 9

Yesterday we saw some great stuff. In particular, the LEGO City calendar took a hard left to festive town. I’m curious to see if that trend continues!

Let’s see what the calendars have for us today…

LEGO City – Presents

Hey! Presents!

Today’s build is a simple one. 16 pieces to display two adorable gifts. They are built to minifigure scale, so they look silly with the microbuilds. I wonder now, was yesterday’s build a massive microscale tree or a tiny minifigure scale one???

Either way, I like that we have leaned into the holidays a bit, though I’ll admit it suddenly feels too early. A few more days of normal City stuff would be cool too!!!

LEGO Star Wars – Rey

When it comes to Star Wars, there is one constant… The character should be valued. Rey has become a character embroiled in controversy, namely the new trilogy of films and how they will be viewed in the long term.

Like young Anakin before her, the discussion of how good or bad the films were quickly overshadowed the characters within the films. It is unfortunate.

Watching the LEGO Star Wars Holiday special was a quick reminder that I want to see more of Rey, Finn, and even Poe. I may not think the sequel trilogy was the best material, but there were plenty of things in them to explore and discover.

Alas, I fear we may never see the next chapter for Rey or any of the others. I suppose time will tell…

LEGO Harry Potter – Table

Did we get a LEGO Friends crossover today?

It’s a table. Not much to add. Of course at ~12 pieces, it’s still a pretty elaborate table. Perhaps tomorrow we will build something to put on the table… or maybe a procrastinating wizard will place the golden egg there to make room in the couch.

Honestly, I was expecting a dragon.

LEGO Friends – R/C Airplane

A lovely little toy workbench.

It’s not a price of furniture today, which is nice. It rings in at 10 pieces and the finished product is cute enough.

Our daughter showed less interest in the build today, and I’m not sure if she was just sleepy or she just really wanted it to be another table…

One she connected the dots and dubbed it a spaceship, her hesitation faded and she flew it off the table. The remote was abandoned in short order.

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