LEGO Advent: Day 8

Another morning has come and gone. The eighth day of Advent is upon us! It’s wild. We’re going to be arriving at December 25th in no time at all!!!

Let’s see what the calendars have for us today…

LEGO City – Christmas Tree


An actual holiday build for the holiday advent calendar!

It is not the most thrilling tree that I’ve seen LEGO produce… and they have produced a lot of Christmas tree variations!

That being said, ringing in at 25 pieces, this is the largest LEGO City build so far, and as small as it is, I can’t get enough of watching LEGO designers create new trees with all of these tiny little variations that make them unique and identifiable!

I’ve thrown in a picture of the 2019 set 40338: Christmas Tree as a single comparison, but over the years I have noticed that almost every single tree that comes out, be it in a new set or as a standalone gift, is somehow different from every tree that has come before.

This is one of those strongpoints of LEGO as a creative tool. The possibilities may not be endless, but they’re certainly incredibly varied.

LEGO Star Wars – X-Wing

Just when I was convinced that the LEGO City Christmas tree was going to take the cake, the X-Wing microbuild swept in and blasted the new record. At 26 pieces, this ship claims the highest count, as well as the largest physical footprint out of all the builds so far.

I love that the build allows the s-foils to open and close, and the red brick to highlight the coloring of Luke’s X-Wing is a nice addition. It also serves to build a little hype for the upcoming set 75301: Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter.

I think it’s easy enough for me to say that the ship builds of the Star Wars calendar are my favorites. The A-Wing made me fall in love with that zippy little ship and the Razor Crest memorial was nice too. This X-Wing only adds to that. What a cool ship!

LEGO Harry Potter – Couch and Golden Egg

This is a monument to procrastination. I think, even without context, someone could make this into a piece of art that highlights our inability to seize golden opportunities even when they’re sitting right in front of us?

Harry ignored his Golden Egg challenge for days, if not weeks, and I imagine it sat in the common room for some time while he pushed it off. The real question I always had about this is… was Ron kidnapped the entire time? How long did those horrible mermaids have him… also… would Ron have really died if Harry had procrastinated longer?

Magic school is tough.

LEGO Friends – Workbench

A lovely little toy workbench.

“Let’s see what I got today…” – TechiGirl

This morning’s advent calendar was fun for a few reasons, but none more important than the fact that our child had really locked onto this daily present that she gets to build. Today she pondered on what might wait for her on the other side of the number 8, and I was captured in her adorableness.

The build is only 8 pieces. Nothing to write home about, but she definitely liked getting the duck and the build accomplishes its goal with relative ease. It’s a workbench, for making toys… for Santa… on Christmas.

I’m still concerned about the lack of chairs, especially since the one thing my daughter loves more than anything else in the world is sitting characters down in chairs.

Minidolls and Microdolls aren’t helping, with their lack of easy sitting in the LEGO system, but despite this she still seems to prefer the doll figures over the regular minifigs.

Anyway, looks like we’re still building out that Santa mall display… maybe.

I don’t know… get these people some chairs!

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