LEGO Advent: Day 5

Here comes the fifth day of the LEGO Advent Calendars. The mood toward LEGO Friends has grown as icy as a winter chill, but maybe day five will turn things around?!

We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff so far, and I’m particularly interested in how the Harry Potter calendar goes as it seems to be following a pattern. The City calendar, while full of neat city stuff, doesn’t seem to be chock full of festive builds yet, though that could chang eas we get closer to the big day.

Star Wars is… Star Wars. Poe’s sweater is the most overtly festive thing I expect to see from this calendar, but the microscale builds are proving to be awesome and since I don’t have many minifigures from the Star Wars theme, all of those are new to my collection.

Oh boy! Let’s see what we got today…

LEGO City – Harl Hubbs

A new minifigure!

This handsome devil is Harl Hubbs from LEGO City Adventures. I love everything here. The concentrated expression, the TNT accessory, and the little tool belt!!!

The minifigure looks great, and I can’t wait to use it somewhere in my town.

LEGO Star Wars – Razor Crest

The Razor Crest is here!

Ouch. The timing on that from LEGO couldn’t have been more on point.

At 22 pieces, this is the largest build so far. The designers were definitely able to capture the look of the much larger set 75292: The Razor Crest. The wildly successful Disney+ show has been shoved into a lot of pop culture references, and Star Wars LEGO is no exception. It’s great to see new content that’s been accepted by fans, and kudos to whoever designed this ship. It quickly became a hallmark Star Wars vehicle in our home.

LEGO Harry Potter – Yule Ball Cho Chang

It looks like Harry Potter’s date for the Yule Ball has arrived!

Cho Chang a unique dress and double-sided impressions that allow her to have a good time at the party, but inevitably find herself disappointed with Harry.

I hadn’t seen this kind of minifigure build before, as Cho’s dress is printed on one side of a 1×2 brick, with another 1×2 plate underneath. It leaves an eye sore when seen from behind, which is a little disappointing.

Still, another welcome addition to my minifigure collection!

LEGO Friends – Mailbox

A mailbox.

Six pieces.

Well, I asked for an improvement, and I *guess* I got one? Our daughter happily put together her mailbox and slid the letter inside, which once again goes to show that I may not have the right view on this. She seemed happy enough with her new build… even if it only took a few seconds longer than yesterday.

That being said, I did take note that a story might be unfolding here. Emma, in her pajamas, having a late night snack (while babysitting Olivia’s hamster), takes down a letter to Santa next to her fireplace… and today she’s mailed that letter off and away.

Maybe I’m just wishing that path into existence? Probably.

Or maybe… just maybe… we’ll see some more winter themed builds show up… if not bigger ones. Will Emma’s letter make it to Santa?!? Will he deliver a chair for Emma to sit in?!?!

Only tomorrow will tell…

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