Season 4 Update

Hey everybody!

Despite the silence over the last week, I assure you I have been doing more than just playing tons of LEGO Hidden Side. I’m happy to say that five full episodes have been written, formatted, and photographed for season 4!

There is plenty left to do. As I write this update I’m still struggling with how to tackle some of the more ambitious story elements that play out this season.

In fact, counting out my last hour of estimations… I have about 78 photos left to capture for the remainder of season four. That’s not as shockingly high as I had hoped, but it’s no small feat to take those photos, edit them, and then get them inserted and formatted on the website before publishing…

What we do know is that the story will consist of 11 episodes, with the finale being a two-part episode, similar to how we handled the two-part episode “Jailbreak” last season.

My hope is that we’ll get the last of this editing down in the next two or three weeks and we can aim for a premiere date somewhere in February, but I promised myself at the start of the year that I wouldn’t pin dates down for the show as it could lead to me feeling rushed on a product that I don’t really need to feel rushed about.

For your patience, I wanted to include a few shots from the upcoming season. I hope they can tide everyone over as we continue production! Take note of the extra care and attention that I’m attempting to capture this season, with more focused shots, better camera angles, and hopefully, more expressions!

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