Behind the Bricks: Building the Town(ship)

Last week saw the exciting season one finale of The Township!!!


When I started drafting the first episode in November, I knew almost immediately that I had found an exciting outlet for my creative writing. At the time, I had little idea how far the idea would go. Each and every new step in the experience taught me something new, not just about LEGO bricks, but about production efforts that go far beyond the simple idea of writing a story.

Chicken or Egg?

Most of my creative writing is a spur of the moment deal. I am one of those writers that thinks of a basic synopsis, contemplates it throughout the day, and by dinner time I have a few chapters drafted with more to come. When I started the Township, I assumed it would be much the same. I wrote the episodes, clapped my hands, and thought I could snap a few photos to finish it up.

Then, I started taking photos and realized that my imagination was a lot easier to tackle when I didn’t have to physically wrestle with my creations. It was humbling in a way (particularly to my Technical Writing side) to think, I imagined it, so why can’t I make it?

Well, Industrial Light & Magic I am not. So the LEGO engineer within was soon having internal arguments with the writer side over the logistics of trying to create the sets where my characters would be interacting.

The solution at the time involved reshoots and rewrites. Something I had only heard about in the film industry. When I couldn’t make a set or scene work, I had to revise my episode, or when I had a better visual shot of something, I needed to adjust accordingly. Sometimes I had to rip apart something just to get a better angle or build something up to give it the height it needed. There was a LOT of work involved that I hadn’t even considered.

It was a learning experience that showed me the two things (writing and photos) go hand in hand. When we hear that a movie’s script is being reworked or revised, we often assume it must have been bad and needed work.

Now I understand that sometimes directors might just see that something here or there is too complicated or maybe not complicated enough! Let’s make it better!

A typical set piece

Is there an Audience?

More important than anything, I am glad that my story was viewed at all. I am thankful that I have my little place here on the internet where I can spout stories like the Township for anyone that happens to find it. I enjoy writing, and if I entertain even a single reader than I have done something worth doing.

Since starting the first season, I have gained 15 new followers here at TechniCool Dad. Sure, 15 seems less than stellar, and any number of them might just be spam accounts on WordPress, because few people comment, but 15 is greater than 1, so if even 2 people are reading and enjoying my works, then I’m performing above my requirements.

Seriously though, I am thankful every day that I have a supportive network of friends and family that encourage me to write my silly stories, even if I don’t produce the richest literature out there.

So… Season Two?

Absolutely. I am happy to say that I had a lot of fun writing season one. I have been able to consolidate a lot of my Science-Fiction ideas into this one centralized universe and while it may seem odd to say that, I giggle with anticipation at the story ahead. So, I’m proud to say that work is already underway on Season Two, and new episodes will be coming sooner than you might expect!

New Episodes begin May 6, 2019!

That’s just one month from now!? Wow! I better get rolling!!!

In the meantime, I’ll make sure there is a new piece of news here each week during April so you can still see something new from me, and I am always open to feedback from eager readers, so if you’re feeling inspired or want to provide valuable information about what you liked or didn’t like in Season One, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

If, for any reason, you haven’t read Season One yet…check it out!

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