A New Week Begins!

It has been a bizarre few months, with the end to one year and beginning of the next. Honestly, it’s all blurred together for me so much, what with the holiday vacation, followed by a not so holiday leave of absence with my surgery!

Last week I published the first episode (New Arrival) of my new creative writing series, called The Township, which introduces a bunch of new characters who have found themselves in a very unique situation.

I have fully completed production of season 1, including all the set photos that we captured using models made with LEGO® bricks. I have had a monumental time building, writing, and framing stories that can be presented with these visual aids. It has added a new layer to my thought process as I approach storytelling. I have already learned a lot about what I imagine for a scene, versus what I’m able to produce for the final set.

There’s a lot of creative energy that has gone into this new adventure, which I’ll blog about in the weeks to come as new episodes are released. I hope that any and all visitors will take a shot at reading this new series and providing me with feedback too! Feel free to tell me if you love/hate elements of my writing or what you think I can do to make it better!

As Technicolor Mom and I eagerly await the release of the new WoW raid, Battle of Dazar’alor, which opens on Tuesday, I decided it was time to start finishing up some of those pesky reputations that have been on the back of my mind since the expansion launched.

Thankfully, I have reached exalted reputation with everyone except those silly Tortollans. Today, however, I hit 20,000/21,000 reputation with them, thanks mostly to the double reputation points from world quests this week. If I get lucky, I’ll have those buggers finished up before the raid opens!

Our guild took a solid break from the game after we finished our heroic clear of Uldir. Pretty much from Thanksgiving on through last week we were scattered to the wind.

Just like a sea turtle finding its way back to the beach where it was born, this last Tuesday the raid team gathered up for a warm up raid in Uldir to get us back in shape (gotta exercise those digits)!

Finally, as I work to formalize my writing portfolio here on my website, I have linked to my old Blogger journal so that all 51 episodes of my original WoW Adventures are available for viewing. These stories were published between 2010-2015 and follow Sionis Sepher through multiple expansions. These older adventures were the basis for the Name of the Wand series that came later.

Now THAT’S an update!

I’m pretty excited to get back to running speed in life. With my work release authorization kicking in tomorrow, I can return to the office and dig back into the technical manuals that I help create, and I can continue to work on my creative writing at home!


Now, as I close it out, here’s a screenshot of an awesome find in BfA this week…

It’s Voltron! No, wait… it’s Sabertron?

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