New Year! New Projects!

What a great winter holiday we’ve had!

Now, as 2019 officially kicks off, I’ve been debating what I would like to accomplish in the new year.

World of Warcraft

A new raid is coming to World of Warcraft in a few weeks and I am eager to get back to a normal routine in my game, but having taken a break I determined that I don’t want to invest as much time in the endgame of WoW as I have in the past.

Creative Writing

Meanwhile, my creative writing is full steam ahead and I have continued working on my new project… Township.

The upcoming story will be delivered here at, in weekly episodic adventures. There are twelve episodes coming in the first season and unlike previous projects, these episodes are filled with photographic elements to help create a visual representation of the story.

The next task is figuring out which day of the week readers would like to see the new episode. We can go for nice and early on Monday morning, or maybe on Friday afternoons?

I suppose only time will tell.

My goal is to start publishing my new series before the end of the month. There’s a lot of excitement to be had. I have had a blast working on he photo-graphical elements and I really do believe they help make the story more interesting for the average reader.


I’ve purchased a fair amount of technology and toys over the last decade. Sometimes the purchases are awesome and other times I wish I had just held onto my money for something better to come along.

This year, I want to give a voice to those kinds of things. I’m not sure if I’m really the best writer for that kind of stuff, but I’d like to try!

Personal News

On the personal side, I had my gallbladder removal surgery today, which will hopefully put the majority of my stomach issues to rest and allow me to focus better on everything from family adventures to work efforts.

For now, I’ll keep the blog updated with information from this blog providing something for reading…. even if it’s just a “coming soon” post

3 thoughts on “New Year! New Projects!

    1. Ah, you’re most correct! The name shifted from the Lampost to the Township as the story evolved over time. I still plan to show the element that had inspired the original project name… in time!

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