Making the “Switch”

It was roughly one year ago that I convinced myself to buy a Nintendo Switch. I purchased one game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I told myself that if I wanted to buy more games for the system, I needed to beat Zelda. I didn’t have to collect all the things or complete all the extras. I just had to beat the main game.

“Easy peasy. I’ll just quickly run… oh. Oh my.”

Over the last several years I have played a lot of World of Warcraft. There is no doubt about it. With Technicolor Mom and I doing endgame raiding with our friends, we didn’t have a lot of downtime in the hobby area for other activities. So, as time went on, I didn’t really dedicate a lot of time or attention to the Switch.

“Switch games? Easy peasy. I’ll just quickly visit Suramar… oh. Oh no.”

In my defense, Nintendo and I have always had a sketchy past when it came to consoles. I grew up in the perfect window to own, love, and constantly play on the Nintendo 64. I remember owning a Gamecube in High School, but I don’t remember loving a ton of games from that generation outside of Animal Crossing, which was my absolute favorite. I played the other games… Mario, Zelda, etc., but I never quite connected with it. The Wii even less so, and the Wii U… I didn’t even buy one.

My first Gameboy!

On the other hand… I think I’ve owned every generation of Nintendo handheld that has ever existed, from the GameBoy Pocket through to the 3DS XL.

So the Switch console was something that I approached with skepticism. It was a home console… but it could also go handheld!? My favorite and my least favorite elements of Nintendo forged into a single device. Hmmmm… I dunno about that.

From the time it was released to the time I finally bought my own, that viewpoint didn’t really change. People were complaining about frame rates in Zelda, others loved the mobility but said battery life was a problem. It seemed like the Switch was winning people over every day, but the idea wasn’t really locking in yet.

The truth be told, I’m a bit of a collector in my mindset. If I see something that seems hard to get, I get the urge to grab it. It’s rare after all! I would have probably been one of those parents buying all those beanie babies in the 90’s if I had been an adult at the time.

That being said, when I saw the Toys’R’Us at the time had the Switch in stock, I felt like I had to go ahead and grab one. Already being on the fence about the whole thing helped temper my excitement and led to the idea that I could only buy one game for the system.

Fast Forward to August 2018…

“You’re going to have some free time for the next week.”

My appendix has just been removed and I was couch-ridden for at least a week. I couldn’t play World of Warcraft without the spouse (we level together), so what was I to do all day? I remind myself… I never did beat Zelda…

Next thing I know I’m hooked on the game in a way I didn’t know was possible. I am excited to play it and eager for more time to get my hands on that console!

As if a nostalgia bomb was timed and ready for detonation at just that moment, Nintendo did a press release where they announced a lot of titles coming to the Switch in the future. A few of them are quirky re-releases of my old favorites, like Katamari Damacy or Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The others are announcements of full games coming to the Switch next year, like a brand new Animal Crossing and a new core Pokemon game.

A lot of exciting developments spurred my desire to pick up and use this little console that had been on my tv stand since last year. And wow, am I glad I did it!

With WoW: Battle for Azeroth leaning toward a lackluster endgame compared to the last expansion (more on that tomorrow), I have had no problem weening some of my free time away from my computer and onto my little Nintendo Switch. For the first time in a fair while, I am not only excited to play a number of different games, but I’m also excited about games that don’t even have release dates yet!

It’s all very exciting.

I know a lot of my readers are primarily WoW players themselves. Do any of you also dabble in the world of Nintendo? If so, what are some games that you like to play on the console… if not, are there any other games you feel called to outside of the MMO? board games, video games, outdoor kickball? What’s your fancy?

2 thoughts on “Making the “Switch”

  1. I haven’t got the time for other games, but I still have my old Nintendo lying around 🙂 I must admit I now want to buy a new one! I wonder if Santa can help me.

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