Season 4 — Episode 1: Fighting the Legion


Sionis Sepher hit the ground in a hard roll before springing up with an Ice Lance at the ready. It hurled through the air, impaling a demonic being through the chest and sending it to the ground with a thunderous crash.

Fel-fire swirled through the air, just missing him and exploding on the ground nearby. Hot embers landed against his cloth robe and acrid smoke rose up where it burned the fabric. With no time to waste, Sionis was quick to side-step the blade of another attacker before pulling the enemy’s legs out with his staff. As the creature fell backward, Sionis already had another spell in hand and rained sharp icicles on the being’s face until it stopped moving.


The mage spun and saw Iliera, his love, as she thrust her mace into the air where it slammed hard against the chest of a flying felbat. She called upon the power of the Light and her mace snapped back to her hand with ease. She turned to him and gestured toward the large structure not far from them.

“Sentinel Hill! They’re going for the tower!”

Sionis gave her a nod and then focused his energy, reaching out through the nether. With a snap and fizzle, he teleported to the base of the building where he found several Alliance soldiers in a battle for their lives.

He wasted no time throwing a chilled wind of fog across the attackers so they could not see and then pulled one of the soldiers out of harm’s way.

“Where is Stoutmantle?” the mage asked loudly.

“I don’t know,” the soldier replied. “It’s madness here.”

“Spread out,” Sionis shouted, pushing the soldier away from the fog cloud. “Spread out and try not to engage large groups of them!”

As the fog started to clear, Sionis was already conjuring a special spell to use, but then he watched as the demons he had angered fell forward with enormous gashes across their chests. Behind their bodies, with a wicked grin from ear to ear, stood the demon hunter.

Her name was Kelenve, but rarely did anyone use that name. They called her monster, creature, the hunter, and a myriad of other names instead. She didn’t seem to care.

“There’s more at the base of the hill,” she said plainly to Sionis. “Kaellax is leading the main offensive with Stoutmantle.”
“Thank you,” Sionis replied.

“Of course,” she said with a slight wave of her wrist. “May you survive the assault.”

“You too.”

With that, Kelenve leapt into the air and glided away on her demonic wings.

From behind, Sionis heard Iliera approaching. “The hunter,” she said as she reached his side. “I do not trust her, Sionis. Darkness surrounds us within your allies.”

“I understand your concern,” Sionis replied. “It is noted.”

“Noted and ignored,” Iliera said angrily.

“We can discuss this more when the hill is secure,” he replied bluntly. “Until then, there is little more to say on the matter.”

Iliera seemed to yield. “Very well. Where shall we go?”

Sionis looked out across Westfall and saw the buildings that had seemingly sprouted from the ground just a few hours ago.

“There,” he said, gesturing to one of the smaller ones. “We’ll assault that keep.”

“Then let us go,” she said, lifting her mace and empowering it so that it glowed with powerful magic. “I will see these demons sent back to the nether.”



Hours later, with the massive demonic leader dead at the base of Sentinel Hill, the legion warship vanished from the sky above and the invasion ended almost as abruptly as it had begun. There would be hundreds of casualties, but the power of the Light had persevered. Healer of every race would now go to work on patching up the wounded and preparing for what would inevitably be a second assault from the demons.

As Sionis collapsed in one of the small structures that had been set aside for the defense force, he heard someone else entered the room. He glanced over and saw none other than the Loremaster, someone he had not expected to come all this way.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Healing,” the Loremaster replied. “Plenty of people need my help.”

“So you haven’t come to hear more of my tale?”

The Loremaster smiled. “Well, I didn’t say that.”

“You can’t very well record history and heal people at the same time,” Sionis said.

“That’s what the scribe is for,” the Loremaster replied. “Besides, I need your help with another matter as well.”

Despite the exhaustion from the fighting, Sionis knew that the Loremaster wouldn’t ask for him if he didn’t have a good reason, so he lifted himself out of bed and followed him away from the barracks and toward the medical area, which was little more than a series of tents set up around the field where they had been fighting before.

“Arcane energy,” the Loremaster said as he maneuvered Sionis to a table filled with cloth. “I hear it’s quite powerful at bonding magic.”

“It can be,” Sionis replied.

“Good,” he said cheerily. “You’ll be in charge of the bandages.”


“We have a magical thread that can help heal wounds, but it must be infused with arcane energy. That’s where you come in.”

Sionis grumbled. “I’m to sit here and weave bandages?”

“That’s right,” the Loremaster replied as he moved to another tent, vanished for a moment, and returned with a young child who could not be more than nine. “This is my scribe. He will be documenting your story this time around, while I sit here and perform healing spells.”

Sionis couldn’t help but smile. “You’ve thought of everything, have you?”

“Ah, one more thing,” the Loremaster said, stepping out of his tent and waving down someone that Sionis could not see. “I’ll need someone to help me harness the power of the Light, and I know no one better than your lovely companion.”

Iliera appeared in the doorway and smiled at Sionis. “Hello, champion.”

He nearly blushed. Despite their time together, he still found her face, her voice, all of her really, to be enchanting.

“Come over here please,” the Loremaster said to her, directing her to a cot. “Yes, right there.”

“I will dedicate my power to you as you perform these healing spells,” she said proudly. “I thank you for thinking of me.”

“Of course,” the Loremaster said, smiling back at her. “Now, we’re just about ready. Last thing is to get our patients.”

“How will we do that?” I asked.

Through the doorway of the tent, the most alluring, and terrifying, creature stepped into the room. It was a demonic succubus. When Sionis saw it, he nearly jumped up ready for battle, but instead had to use all his power to hold back Iliera, who already had her mace in hand.

“No!” the Loremaster said, stepping between the creature and Iliera. “It’s not one of them.”

They are all the same,” Iliera said loudly. “This vile demon must not be allowed to live.”

“Wait, here me out,” the Loremaster said, practically pleading with the draenei paladin. “We are using the succubus because it has the ability to distract our wounded. They do not feel the pain of their injuries while she has their attention. It’s how they disable their foes, but in this case it’s like a natural sedative.”

The succubus gave Iliera a grin and placed on hand on her shapely hip. “Jealous, dear?”

Iliera might have smashed the creature’s head in with her mace right then if not for Sionis’ firm grip on the handle.

“Trust me,” the Loremaster continued. “This is a great way to move patients and keep them sedated. Kaellax has offered her services and I do not think we should turn them down.”

Iliera looked distraught, but she lowered her weapon. “Very well,” she said. “I will allow this, but I do so under protest. These demons are not to be trusted.”

“I do not trust them,” the Loremaster said firmly. “I am merely using them for our benefit. As soon as the wounded are healed, I will have Kaellax take it away.”

With that situation successfully diffused, Iliera stepped back and allowed the succubus to bring in the first wounded soldier. He looked completely complacent, his eyes locked on the face of the demonic creature with a nearly lustful stare.

The Loremaster went to work, weaving a spell that quickly repaired broken bones, mended tissue, and tried to seal the biggest gashes. Then, he reached across the table and pulled some of the bandages that Sionis had already infused with magic and used that to wrap the other injuries. It took only a minute, and the first patient was carried back out.

“Okay then,” the Loremaster said happily. “One down, just a few hundred more to go.”

“This should take a while,” Iliera said.

“Exactly,” the Loremaster confirmed. “More than enough time for Sionis to continue his tale.”

At the table, Sionis smiled to his wife and then looked down at the young scribe. “You think you can keep up?”

“No offense, Sir,” the scribe replied. “I don’t think anyone can outpace my writing.”

“Good,” Sionis said. “So where were we then?”

“The fall of Lordaeron,” the Loremaster said, matter of factly as he was weaving his next spell on the second patient. “Your ship had just sailed away from the Eastern Kingdoms.”

“Right,” Sionis replied, trying to find the place in his own memories. “So, now it’s time to talk about the wildest part of my life. Our new existence in Kalimdor.”




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