Pulling the Plug on Facebook

I know we’ve all talked about it.

You know. The elephant in the room…

Breaking free from Facebook.

For a long time now, I’ve used Facebook quite passively. I told myself I was keeping it for my family. Most of the friends I had added through the years had either drifted or straight up left for greener pastures. Keeping up with pictures of someone’s baby is great, but it’s not really that exciting when it’s someone you haven’t seen or talked to in over a decade, which is where most of my generation is at with this social tool.

Instagram, Apple, and Google Photos have made sharing images and videos with family members so easy that you don’t have to risk broadcasting stuff over social media to get it to the people you care about most.

At the end of the day, Facebook just wasn’t providing me with any content and when I did use the tool, I found it to be more cumbersome than necessary. I know I will never understand why they had to spin messenger out from their base app and make you download another tool ala AOL Instant Messenger style.

So, after sitting on the fence for months, a final trigger came along and reminded me why the tool was more trouble than it was worth.

So, that’s that.

Probably not really even worth the blog posting, but it was a fairly liberating experience, so I want to claim my little moment in the hipster sun.

2 thoughts on “Pulling the Plug on Facebook

  1. Well, congratulations is in order, I believe 🙂 It can feel so nice and liberating. Do you use another kind of social media, you are more fond of then, or?

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    1. I never really stuck to any other media. I had a LiveJournal back before Facebook took over, but then I just kinda stopped there. I figure for now I’ll just drift on my own little blog. I do have Google Photos that I use to keep updated photos of our family and share out to others. It’s a great tool!

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