Season 3 — Episode 11: Intermission (Black and Bronze)


Sionis was silent for a long time, which the Loremaster knew was a sign that they had finished for the day. He went to work on rolling up his latest scrolls and was about to thank Sionis for the latest tale when the mage stood up and stepped toward the doorway with his staff at the ready.

“What’s going on?” the Loremaster asked.

“Danger,” Sionis replied. “Something is coming.”

The Loremaster pulled a small dagger from his pack and abandoned his notes, moving toward the doorway with the mage. They both stepped outside and suddenly a gust of wind hit them both. The Loremaster tumbled, but Sionis stood his ground, holding his staff up to deflect the wind.

“What is this?” he shouted.

The Loremaster looked up to see that the winds were being generated by two dragons, one a golden bronze, and the other a grayish-black. They flew next to one another, but looked eerily similar to one another.

Between them both, stood Kaellax. Her face as youthful as the day she had met Sionis for the very first time.

“Kaellax?” Sionis asked.

“Didn’t you get my message?” She countered. “I told you to come home.”

“Who are these two?” the mage inquired, pointing to the dragons.

“I am Almonde,” the bronze dragon said loudly.

“I am Ednomla,” the black dragon said next.

“Why are you here,” Sionis asked, his staff glowing with magical energy. “Your meddling has done none of us any good.”

“No,” Almonde said in agreement. “We have come to end our meddling.”

Sionis lowered the staff slightly. “What?”

“He speaks the truth,” Ednomla added. “Our conflict must be ignored in light of a more recent development.”

“You travel through time,” Sionis replied. “How can anything happening be recent?”

“This alternate time has… affected things. The one who you call Gul’dan has made his way to our Azeroth. Your world is in grave danger once more.”

“So this new threat, this is your fault, both of you.”

The two dragons lowered their heads. “It would seem.”

“So what is it?” Sionis asked. “What is Gul’dan doing that is so dangerous?”

“He has accomplished that which he once tried to do before. The gateway is open, Sionis Sepher, and the Burning Legion has come to your world once more.”

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“That which you do best,” Ednomla said. “Fight.”

“You were trying to kill me a month ago.”

“A month ago, we did not know how badly our timeline had been affected. We thought you were the most dangerous thing to our plans. Now we know otherwise.”

“How can I trust you?” I asked. “Who’s to say you won’t hunt us down once we return?”

“They will not,” Almonde spoke now. “It is rare that our two sides are in agreement on how to handle these… situations, but agreements have been made. For now, our hostility will not extend to mortals. There are too many other things we must focus on now.”

“So that’s that?” I asked.

“That is that,” Ednomla replied. “Farewell, Sepher.”

The two dragons looked to one another, and then the winds picked up and they flew away.

“Do you trust them?” Sionis asked, looking to Kaellax.

“Of course not,” she replied. “If it were not for the enemies at our doorstep I imagine you’d still be their prey. But, the news is dire, Sionis.”

“So I have no choice,” Sionis replied. “If our world is being invaded by the Legion, then that is where I must go.”

“I as well,” Iliera said firmly, stepping out of the doorway behind the Loremaster. “I heard everything.”

“Then you’ll come to Azeroth with me?” Sionis asked.

“To the ends of the universe,” she replied with a smile.

“A new friend?” Kaellax asked.

“Who is this?” Iliera asked with a raised brow.

“Kaellax,” Sionis replied.

“She is too young,” Iliera said.

“Fel magic,” Kaellax replied. “It helps me keep my youthful look.”

Sionis saw the crystal head of Iliera’s mace beginning to pulse with energy and he rested his arm on her shoulder to put her at ease. “Not today.”

Iliera frowned, but nodded firmly. “I do not approve of fel magic.”

“You’re not alone in that,” Kaellax said flatly. “Shall we go then?”

Sionis nodded, but then turned back toward the building. “What about you, Loremaster?”

“Well, as much as I like the swamp, I think I could be convinced to go home.”

“It won’t be easy,” Sionis added. “The Burning Legion doesn’t stop. We may have to give everything just to stem the tide.”

“To be frank,” the Loremaster replied. “If anyone can do it, it’s you.”

“Well then,” Sionis said. “We should start packing and spread the news. Our world is in danger and the black dragons have called off their hunt. We can return home. I just wish it was under better circumstances that we were coming back.”

Iliera thumped her fist against her chest. “We pushed the demons back here on Draenor. We will do the same on your world.”

Sionis smiled and copied her fist bump. “Let’s do it then!”



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