Here we go again!


Is this a new blog?


How many does that make?

I don’t know. Less than 20… I think.


It’s about to be 2017. A lot has changed this year. I am making an effort to keep up.

So what will you write about?

Ultimately, I hope to write about everything. I want to write about my wife and I, howwe play games, how we are tackling home ownership, being parents, and what we like to do on a Saturday night. I want to paint a picture of myself for my daughter, a picture of a technical writer, gamer, author, husband, and overall “cool” guy.

You know… I want to be a techni”cool” dad!

Yeah, that’s right. Dad jokes. That’s a thing I can do now.

So here comes 2017. With it, expect game reviews, opinion pieces, fictional adventures, hopefully a new novel, stories about being a technical writer, and whatever else I can fit on this page over the next twelve months.

And probably a fair share of pictures of my family. Maybe.

Until then, see you on the flip side!

Techni”cool” Dad





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