Season 1 — Episode 1: The Name of the Wand


“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”

– Thomas Carlyle

Lunarfall Garrison.

That’s what they had called it. Of course, now the fires of war were dying down and the signs of a military installation were fading into oblivion. The gladiator’s sanctum had been torn down and replaced by an Inn. The barn now provided the fur and meat that had been hunted before. The gardens and fishing hut took care of the oils and potions these days too.

In reality, the fervor of the invasion of Draenor to fight against the Iron Horde had ended the day Hellfire Citadel fell. The glory of the war was gone. Now it felt more like it had in years past, when the wars of man were always ongoing, always present, but somehow disconnected from normal life.

Sionis Sepher, the Mage of Stormwind. That’s what they had called him.

Now a ranking General and a victorious leader. Draenor was safe, but here he remained, sitting inside the dark and chilly Lunarfall Inn while young soldiers complained of the lacking sugar supplies. The visitors that came through no longer spoke of the day they arrived. Now they spoke of their future, the return to their beloved Azeroth. Something that he knew he could never do.

Sionis had fought, he had bled, and he had been victorious with helping the Alliance make their assault against the Iron Horde. Here in the aftermath, with the war now gone, Lunarfall had became his graveyard, and he was its keeper.

And so he sat, listening to those who came and went, many of them young Draenei adventurers seeking glory in this new Draenor. These adventurers talked of their travels and of the quests they set out to complete. They spoke of visiting Azeroth, of defeating the Burning Legion, and even of returning to Argus someday. They were who he had been so many years ago.

Meanwhile, Lunarfall’s military commander, the Draenai Paladin named Iliera, continued her efforts to protect her home with the help of the humans from Azeroth. Despite her busy schedule, she always made sure to stop by and have a drink with Sionis whenever she came back to the garrison.

“Excuse me,” a voice said, cutting through his musings and bringing him back to the present. “Excuse me, General Sepher?”

He glanced up and saw a young man in a clean white robe with a sack full of large parchment scrolls. “May I help you?” he asked.

“I believe you can,” the young man replied. “I am one of the Loremasters. I have come for your story.”

A Loremaster? All the way out here? If that were the case, this young man probably had a real name, but he had no reason to use it. Loremaster was all anyone needed to hear. If someone wanted to know something, they turned to the Loremasters. They were the keepers of history. The whole organization referred to its members only by their title.

Sionis had heard the royalty in Stormwind speaking of the Loremasters and he would by lying if he said he didn’t want to be a Loremaster himself. It seemed that these men and women had the honor of seeking out and collecting the lore of the world, compiling it, and publishing it in the great kingdom libraries so that others might know the truth.

“It’s nice to meet you, Loremaster,” Sionis said as he sat straight in his chair. “How can Lunarfall be of service to you?”

The Loremaster stood there for a long while, his eyes locked on Sionis as though he had just found a golden coin in a bag of rice. “I’ve travelled very far to find you, Sionis Sepher,” the Loremaster said with a grin. “I’ve come for your story.”

“My story?” Sionis asked. “Surely you’ve gathered enough details on your grand travels?”

“There was your fabled journals, of course,” the Loremaster replied. “I can’t be absolutely certain which parts are true and which parts are not. We’ve gathered some details from your friends and colleagues as well, but going to the source is always the best way to extract the truth.”

Sionis smiled. It was a great honor to be sought out by the Loremasters. “Are you certain that I’m worth your time?” he asked.

“Most certain,” the Loremaster confirmed.

“Would you like to begin now?” he asked. “It will soon be dark and I’m sure—”

“Actually, I would like to get started if possible,” the Loremaster said, eagerly taking a seat next to Sionis. “We can start simple. I have some notes on your childhood already. It should be easy to navigate. Surely you have just a short time?”

Sionis wasn’t sure how to interpret the enthusiasm, but he gave a reluctant nod. The Loremaster went to work pulling out several scrolls with information written over them, and another few that were blank. “Okay then,” he said as he dipped his quill in some ink. “Let’s start with your family Estate…”



3 thoughts on “Season 1 — Episode 1: The Name of the Wand”

  1. Story time 🙂 Thank you for sharing it. I always admire the ability to write stories around World of Warcraft. I get lost in the lore and timelines, so easily.

    Hey, that font on the screenshot with the text “The Name of The Wand”. How, which? 🙂


  2. Thank you! I love playing in the WoW sandbox. There’s so much to choose from!

    For the font, I use “Medieval Scribish”, which I found at while searching for freeware fonts. It’s one of my favorites!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh, I see, I used dafont too in the past. Totally forgot how to do it now. Thanks, will look into it, the font is indeed gorgeous 🙂


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