Iliera Plays WoW: Mounts Are Expensive!

Thus far, I am averaging a new mount each day for the New Year.

While I don’t expect to be able to keep that pace up, it is encouraging.

Four of my new mounts were purchased with Honor Points:

  • Black War Steed
  • Black Battlestrider
  • Black War Elekk
  • Black War Ram

We spent a lot of time PVPing in Ashran last weekend and collected tons of bones and HP so I could get them. The Gladiator’s Sanctum has helped with that, since I almost always get HP after the work orders, making that my new favorite garrison building in WoD.

I also get GOLD.

As my husband will tell you, I should have been a goblin because lately I’ve been obsessed with getting all the golds.

This is in part because each of my jewelcrafted panthers is projected to cost way over 20k gold, just to craft it. And thanks to a fellow WoW collector, I now have my first panther: the Ruby Panther. She’s gorgeous.

A couple of days ago, a guy was offering to buy a Hatespark the Tiny in trade chat. I just happened to have been lucky enough to get a Hatespark the Tiny on the 10th Anniversary Molten Core raid, which ended yesterday, forever, making it impossible to get a Hatespark other than on the auction house.

After figuring out how to crate him, I offered him to the other player. He was offering about 20k less than what they were priced at on the auction house, but a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, yeah? After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided to go for it. After all, I really wanted that Ruby Panther, and I wasn’t going to ever use Hatespark because, frankly, he’s not pretty.

It turns out that the other player is a fellow collector. He is collecting all the battle pets, and I am happy to have helped him out. Of course, I took his declaration as a collector with a grain of salt because you never can be sure of what you get in Trade Chat, but I looked up his character profile today, and he indeed has 648 pets. Craziness!

And finally, along my adventure in collecting the mounts, we completed the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider and the Glory of the Firelands Raider yesterday by running the raids on heroic, for which we were each awarded the Drake of the East Wind and the Corrupted Fire Hawk, respectively. Now, in case you didn’t notice, the Corrupted Fire Hawk (purple) is the same model as the Felfire Hawk (green), and the Felfire Hawk was the reason I started this crazy mission to collect 250 mounts in the first place.

I’m only 7 mounts away from getting the first collector’s achievement, which awards the Albino Drake. Woot!

Iliera Plays WoW are a series of posts originally authored by my wife! Exciting!

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