The Switch to Nexus 6


Nexus 6 Phone

Six months ago I was not planning to be using Android. In fact, six months ago I don’t think I even knew the Nexus phone existed. I was an iOS guy. I had been using an iPhone almost non-stop since 2010. So, when I walked into the AT&T store over the holiday weekend to pick up the new Nexus 6, a friend of mine raised a suspicious brow. 

“You sure?” he asked.

I was sure. I still am.

Even still, I’ve heard a lot of questions about the phone and I thought I would provide some insight on the hardware now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks.


Screen Size

One of the biggest reasons I didn’t want the phone is one of the biggest reasons I wouldn’t give it up now. However critical of the big screens I may have been, I now see the light. Thanks to the larger screen of my Nexus 6 I’ve found little reason to bother messing with my iPad. When I was still learning the basics of Android, I considered buying a Nexus 9 tablet. Now that I have my Nexus 6 I don’t feel like I NEED a tablet anymore. The phone provides me with all the screen space that I need, even if I’m laying in bed watching some Youtube before I fall asleep.

That being said, the phone doesn’t FEEL big.

It feels like it’s larger than any phone I have used before, but it only took about a full day of usage before I was totally adapted to the bigger size. I know that Amanda has made comments about the footprint impacting her more when it comes to keeping the phone in her pockets, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying the device.

Android Lollipop

There’s a lot that I love about the new version of Android. Since I came from an iPhone just a few months ago I’m not an Android expert by any means, but I had enough experience with KitKat to know that Lollipop brings a lot of the things people previously using iOS wanted on their Android devices, i.e. Notifications on the screen. I can’t say much else on this yet… except that one thing I DON’T like is that I can’t seem to switch the Nexus 6 to silent without disabling the ability to use alarms on my phone.


The phone is quick, responsive, and the battery life is more than enough to get me through each day. When it comes to my experience using a Nexus 5 and now a Nexus 6, I can definitely say that the 6 blows the prior generation out of the water. I think that can reflect poorly on individuals that are trying to use their older hardware with the newest Android version, but from what I can tell that problem will fade with time as the new Android updates won’t be such a massive rework of the actual OS.


I’m really pleased with the Nexus 6 and Android. I’m not sure I have any reason to consider attempting a return to Apple so for the time being I can proudly say that I am a happy user of the Nexus 6.

We’ll see if that lasts…

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